It is necessary to think of repairs on your property as an investment from which you can reap returns later on. However, most home improvements fail to fetch a decent amount of returns because homeowners often lose sight of their priorities. You could have lovely tiles imported from Italy at your entrance, or you may have a reliable furnace, but if your roof is leaking, buyers won’t look past that. While additional features are a plus, the basic things are what give value to the property. Read on to learn which improvements and repairs will help you get a good ROI.

  • Before you decide to make any functional or cosmetic repairs, it is important that you take care of all the upgrades and replacements required in the house. The repairs may include the heating, plumbing, sewer and electrical systems. The buyers will need to be assured that all the systems are in working condition and won’t need any immediate repairs or replacements. You should also take care of any old roofs, air conditioning or heating problems.
  • Try to go for replacements instead of remodeling. Replacements will be less expensive as compared to any remodeling efforts and will help you gain more returns.
  • Adding an extra bedroom in the house by utilizing the space in the attic is a way you can gain high returns.
  • Bathrooms are often on the buyer’s mind when deciding on a property. Adding an extra bathroom improves the value of the house significantly.
  • Any kind of improvements or repairs you do in the kitchen will definitely add value to your property. The basic thing you can do is to give the kitchen a fresh coat of paint. You may also want to replace any vinyl flooring with tiles or laminate. Adding lighting, new cabinets and fixtures will also add value to the whole property.