repairs-300x194It is well known that it is possible to get the best value out of a rental when the house you put out in the market is full of all the bells and whistles that a prospective tenant might want or like. If your house is located in a favorable location and the rent in the area is comfortable, then there will be a lot of choices for people who want a home, so you will have to make your property stand out to edge over the competition. Doing some basic repairs and making a few home improvements will do just that for your house. Here are a few things that are known to bring in more people and with them more income in the form of rent.


The front door, landscaping, drive way are the first things that people see and it is important to create a good first impression.


Probably the biggest reason why people turn down houses is because the kitchen is not to their liking. It does not have to be big, but a well stocked with good appliances and everything working well can make a big difference.


Repairs or replacement of broken tiles, leaky taps, blocked drains, toilet flushes and having a generally pleasing bathroom is essential.


Switches, plugs and all other safety peripherals have to be repaired and kept in good working order, so even if there are no big repairs, a round of maintenance will do your property good.

There is a fine line between wanting to make improvements and spending so much that the income will take too long to merely break even. Also, there is literally no end to home improvements because new products and fixtures keep coming up in the market almost constantly, so make sure the money you put into repairs pays for itself and you while being essential.

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