An air conditioning unit requires regular maintenance to be able to perform effectively and efficiently all through the years. Neglect that, and your air conditioning unit’s functionality will steadily decline along with an increase in energy consumption as well. So if your air conditioning system is beyond repair and you’ve already made your mind to replace it, here are a few things you should consider about when to replace your system :

Know how much time you have left

As it is a decision based on your ability to purchase and the urgency of your needs, it is good to give yourself enough time to find the right HVAC contractor. It’s better to collect some knowledge about replacement of air conditioning systems and their current costs as well. Also, calculate the approximate amount of time for which your current system can be used, so that you get some time to replace it and purchase a new one.

Perform a check

Even though the best way to know the right time to replace your air conditioning unit is to let the HVAC expert analyze your unit, you can perform a few checks on your own as well if you are unsure on replacing or repairing it. These may include :

  • Checking the refrigerant amount
  • Checking for seal duct leakages
  • Inspecting electrical connections and terminals
  • Measuring airflow
  • Checking for refrigerant leaks

Replace the whole system or repair a few parts?

Although a more clever answer will be provided by a qualified contractor, knowing a few things like how often your system runs and how long have you been using it, will surely help you come to an answer to the question. If there are no big issues with your current unit, there may be significant sensibility in replacing a few parts and leaving the rest.

Latest air conditioning systems

Since people use their once installed air conditioning unit for decades, they often tend to think that there is no new technology in market considering air conditioning units. Which is, more or less, false. Today’s air conditioning systems are far more sophisticated and energy efficient than what we had back then.

Geothermal systems and ductless mini split air-conditioner are pretty much in the latest trends nowadays. So don’t forget considering an upgrade to your current unit. Most of the HVAC contractors nowadays are completely aware of all such trends and may be provide you with the best possible option in the market.