deck-300x178There are very few parts of the house that are as exposed to the weather as the deck and the fences. They see and silently bear rains, hot summers and even snowfall. Proper deck maintenance, especially those that are completely made of wood is imperative as it is not just ungainly to look at but also a health and safety hazard. After the winter months, the snow that rests on the deck eventually becomes water and condensation is not a good thing for wood. The resulting dampness will cause mold as well as structurally weaken the wood and once it dries up, it can warp and become brittle. In the last 15 years there have been over 800 deck collapse injuries all over the USA, some of them fatal.

Things to keep in mind when it comes to deck maintenance

  • Paint and seal

Having a few coats of paint on your deck and fence will help keep the moisture from coming in direct contact with the wood. This is very important as it forms a direct layer of protection. Having an additional few coats of laminate and sealant will keep the sheen on the deck intact and paint will last longer.

  • Clean and clear

Another important part of deck maintenance is to keep it clear and uncluttered, so empty it out as much as possible and regularly sweep out the leaves and other fallen fruits and twigs as they stain and hold moisture down. Also take time to pull out anything that may have gotten lodged in between the boards and if there is mildew anywhere, you have got to scrub it out.

Deck maintenance and timely repairs go hand in hand, so before the winter months, it would save you a lot of heartache if you get all the repairs done in advance. Get a professional to have a look at the deck and make sure you go into the winter with a perfect deck.

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